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New England Science Fiction Association

Buy A Membership

Boskone 58 is transitioning to an online convention due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Virtual Membership Rate:  $25 per person

If you have purchased or earned a rollover membership for Boskone 58, we have decided to shift all current memberships to Boskone 59 (with the exception of Life Members and former Guests) since the price of the Boskone 58 virtual convention membership is much lower than it would be for an in-person Boskone membership. If you have a question about your membership or would like to make alternate arrangements, please contact Boskone Registration at

All attendees must purchase a Boskone 58 convention membership to participate in virtual activities throughout the rest of the convention. Check our membership list to see if you are already a member.


Press Passes

Boskone welcomes all members of the press and encourages them to let us know when they are attending. For specifics, please be sure to read our Press Policy.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at