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New England Science Fiction Association

Program Planning

In order to help our program participants and volunteers with their convention planning, we have set up this page to provide some helpful information and a few quick links.

Boskone regularly features over 350 program items conducted by nearly 200 program participants and staff over the 3-day event. Our planning process starts in mid-summer and we begin sending out program surveys and program confirmations in August. The invitation process continues until the program is full.

Become a Program Participant: Boskone will send a program survey to anyone who requests one via email at, but please note that there is no guarantee of placement on the program. We receive far more requests than can be filled from returning participants and new participants alike, which means we are forced to turn away a large number of wonderful participant requests.

Tips for Filling out your Survey: When submitting your program survey, please remember that our staff is not familiar with your full set of interests, your background, your preferences, and your hobbies–and your books and bio alone are not enough to help us create a robust and engaging program that includes you.

When filling in and submitting your survey, please add details about yourself. We get dozens of surveys that only include a bio and topic areas that specifically say: fantasy, science fiction, horror, and writing. These are extremely vague and are not likely to get you placed on programming because everyone submitting a survey can talk about these things. Remember to mention what is special about your experience? Do you love backpacking through the Alps, were you a field medic at one point, have you done deep sea fishing, etc? These are things that can translate into truly interesting program items. Share yourself with us in a way that makes you standout from the others who only mention fantasy, science fiction, and horror as generic topics of interest in their surveys.