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February 14-16, 2025 — Westin Boston Seaport District

What People are Saying

Special thanks to our past guests and their kind words about their Boskone experiences:

“Living in Florida, I don’t miss the Boston area’s traffic or snowstorms or even the Red Sox. But I do miss Boskone. I always enjoyed the convention and the old friends and new ones that I made each year. Wish I lived close enough to return every year.”
Ben Bova (1932-2020), Guest of Honor, Boskone 13

“Boston world con was my first convention and then Boskone became my home convention, is still very much part of my science fiction and fantasy life. I have celebrated birthdays and new book days, wept when friends passed on. Rejoiced when friends won awards, etc. And valued the very many marvelous conversations I have had there over the years. Plus watching the story of the Skylark Award, which set my good coat on fire, has grown with the years into a True fan favorite!”
Jane Yolen, Guest of Honor, Boskone 29

“Boskone is a wonderful, welcoming and cheerful convention, a haven of SF&F enthusiasts and enthusiasm, gathering in warmth and comfort amid the Boston winter.”
Garth Nix, Guest of Honor, Boskone 53

“Such a lovely time with such lovely people.”
John Scalzi, Guest of Honor, Boskone 49

“When I asked my wife, Marianne Porter, what I should write about the con, she said, ‘The thing about Boskone is that it’s the most consistently well-run, no-drama, welcoming, enjoyable convention–with interesting programming!–that I can think of, certainly.’  To which I can only add that I always look forward to sitting in the warm, comfortable lobby bar, drink in hand, watching the annual blizzard glide in.”
Michael Swanwick, Guest of Honor, Boskone 37

“It was such an honor to attend Boskone as their Young Adult Fiction Guest.  This convention was fun, welcoming, and had many thought-provoking panels and discussions, the latter taking place both publicly and privately. It was so well organized and attended, with something for everyone who loves speculative fiction. I especially enjoyed the artist galleries and took art home—the best kind of souvenir.”
Cindy Pon, Young Adult Fiction Guest, Boskone 56

Here what people are saying about Boskone! Here is a list of news articles and con reports shared by members from previous years: