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February 14-16, 2025 — Westin Boston Seaport District


View the list of committee members who are making Boskone a reality!

Need to contact us? If a direct email address is not listed, please send mail to and address your message to the appropriate person listed below.

Your name could be here! Email if interested in helping to produce Boskone.


Admin Team

Con Chair: Michael Kerpan
— Chair’s Advisor: Kristin Seibert
Scheduling Support (Zambia): Peter Olszowka
Guest Liaison: Jeff Keller
Plaques: Gay Ellen Dennett, Tony Lewis
Cartographer/Layout: Chip Hitchcock
Debriefing: David G. Grubbs
Notetaker: Robert Luoma

Treasurer: Judy Bemis
— Staff: Dave Anderson, Catelynn Cunningham, Sandra Childress

Ecommerce: Sharon Sbarsky
— Staff: Judy Bemis

Program, Events, and Activities

Program: Rodger Burns
— Staff: Laurie Mann, Brenda Noiseux, Tim Szczesuil, Ann Thomas
— Dragonslair: Rebecca Brumberger, Jan Dumas
— Music/Filk: Ellen Kranzer

Events: DDA (David D’Antonio)
— Assistant: Jeff Warner

Dance and Movement: Kristin Seibert
— Deputy: Fray

Gaming: Bill Todd
— Staff: William Mui

Anime/Video: Kenneth Heard


Art Show: Andrea Senchy
— Staff: Ira Donewitz, Carol Downing, Irene Harrison, Jennifer Kraus, Robin Kraus, Jim Reynolds, Harvey Rubinovitz, Beth Zipser, Mike Zipser
— Special Exhibit: Gay Ellen Dennett
— Setup: Chip Hitchcock
—— Assistants: Rex, Jeff Keller
— Sales: Mark Richards
— Mail-in Art: Ann Broomhead, Tim Szczesuil

Dealers Room: Angela Jones, Margo Williams, Walter Williams
— Authors Alley: Angela Jones, Margo Williams, Walter Williams

Fan Tables: Geri Sullivan

Con Support Services 

ConClar (Online Schedule): Mary Olszowka

Hotel Liaison: Gay Ellen Dennett
— Staff: Stephen Boucher, Jim Mann, Ben Yalow

HybridCon (Online Portal): Paul Kraus

IT Support: Tim Roberge
— Printers and Computers: Rick Kovalcik
— Networking: Tim Roberge
— Telephony: Dave Anderson

Logistics: Rick Kovalcik
— Truck Driver: Rick Kovalcik
— Loadmaster: Kelly Persons
— Load-in Manager:
— Load-out Manager:
— Staff: Too Many To Mention

Office Manager: Gay Ellen Dennett

Ribbons: Sharon Sbarsky

Sign Shop: Robert Luoma

Staff Den: Joni Brill Dashoff
— Staff: SuLi Isaacs, Lori Meltzer

SBOF: Joni Brill Dashoff

Shopping: Dave Anderson

Tech Director: Paula Lieberman
— Tech Staff: Covert Beach, Jasper Boland, Rich Fine, Stephanie Fine, Eric Fleischer, Patrick Foster, Bernie Gabin,  Joseph Kesselman, Beth Kevles, Rick Kovalcik, Spencer Love, Opus, Peter Olszowka, Michael Rafferty, Phoebe Roberts, Sandy “Pink” Sutherland
— Harbor One (Main Stage)
—— Lighting Designer: hobbit
—— Sound Designer: Jason Kuehl
—— Video Designer: Fred Bauer
— Marina One (Dance and Movement)
—— Lighting Designer: hobbit
—— Sound Designer: Paul Kraus

Volunteers: Wes Brodsky

Webmaster: Tim Szczesuil
– Assistants: Rick Kovalcik, Sharon Sbarsky

Fan Support Services

Registration: Sharon Sbarsky
— Software Support: Michael Rafferty, Syd Weinstein
— Staff: Seth Breidbart, Kelly Fabijanic, Felicia Herman, Benjamin Levy

Badges: Rick Kovalcik, Geri Sullivan

Info Desk: Wes Brodsky

Con Suite: Maria Eskinazi
— Staff: Ellie Pagan-Vargas

Discord: Rick Kovalcik, Michael Rafferty, Sharon Sbarsky

Narniacon: Kristin Seibert and Kylie Selkirk
— Honored Guest of NarniaCon: David Kessler
— Staff:

Publications and Publicity

Vertical Response Whisperer: Tim Szczesuil

Pre-con Newsletters: Mike Kerpan

Flyers: Mike Kerpan, Rick Kovalcik

Parties and Fan Tables:
— Balticon: Mike Kerpan, Kristin Seibert
— Readercon: Gay Ellen Dennett
— Albacon: Mike Kerpan, Kristin Seibert
— Arisia: Mike Kerpan

Pocket Program: Skip Morris
— Proofreading: Gloria Lucia Albasi, Kylie Selkirk
— Printing: Rick Kovalcik
— Collation Organizer: Tim Szczesuil

Souvenir Book: Inanna Arthen
— Souvenir Book Ads: Stephanie Shields

Helmuth: Tony Lewis


NESFA Sales Table: Suford Lewis
Staff: Kelly Persons

Cash Register Wrangler: Dave Anderson

Fellowship of NESFA: Joe Ross

Gaughan Award: Sharon Sbarsky
Judges: Sara Felix, Lauren Panepinto, John Picacio

Short Story Contest: Steven Lee
– Assistant: David G. Grubbs
– First-round readers: Ann Crimmins, Chip Hitchcock, Kylie Selkirk, Liz Patton, Steven Lee
– Judges: Bradford Lyau, John Scalzi

Skylark Award: Tony Lewis

Award Acquisition: Gay Ellen Dennett, Tony Lewis