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February 9-11, 2024 — Westin Boston Seaport District

Social Space

Boskone is about community and social space permeates the entire convention. However, the Galleria is the heart of the social space is is a welcoming space for all members to gather and connect. It’s located on the bottom level of the convention space and hosts the Art Show, Dealers Room, Authors Alley, Dragonslair children’s area, Autographing, Kaffeeklatches, Discussion groups, Meet Ups, and the Con Suite – which features comfortable tables where you can sit and chat with friends while enjoying some light snacks.

You are welcome to get take-out from the hotel restaurants (including M.J. O’Connors) and bring it down to the Con Suite to eat in a comfortable relaxing environment. This is also where we host the Friday night Opening Reception at which we introduce the guests, and Saturday night’s Boskone Book Party, which is followed by a series of fun and social events. On both Friday and Saturday nights, a cash bar is available for folks over 21 who would like to sit back and relax while enjoying time with friends.