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NESFA Press is pleased to announce a 20% discount on all NESFA Press physical books, with some exceptions, for all Boskone members. This discount does not include E-Books, ISFiC books (including the Seanan McGuire Velveteen books), and the following boxed, limited-edition book: A Lit Fuse: The Provocative Life of Harlan Ellison.

To take advantage of this discount, go to the NESFA Press online store: http://nesfapress.org/, select the titles you wish to purchase, and during checkout enter “Boskone58” in the coupon text field. The 20% will be automatically deducted from the book price.

We primarily produce three types of books:

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Blasts from the past

At the 2008 Hugo Awards ceremony, Denvention 3 presented a Special Committee Award to NESFA Press for keeping great SF in print.

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