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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
February 11, 2013

Plan your panels now

To help your plan of attack for Boskone, the schedule is now available online!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Hidden Joys of Collecting: What’s on your shelf? The latest TARDIS coffee cup? A Captain Kirk action figure? A set of Harry Potter first editions? What is it about collecting that is so satisfying…and addictive? What new thing must you have? As you’ll see at the panel: us too.

Boskone Retrospective: Half a Century of Boskone: Join a star-studded roomful of previous Boskone guests as they reminisce about past Boskones. (In some cases, far, far past.) We’ll share what we love about the longest-running SF convention in the Hub of the Universe, and tell why we come back year after year.

Dataliths: Digging the Idea of the Programmer/Archaeologist: Our GOH Vernor Vinge has posited that as computing-based civilizations age, layers upon layers of legacy code build up in vast — let’s call them dataliths. Who gets to dig through them for valuable info? How do they do it? Isn’t our data already in pretty deep doodoo in this regard?

Demonstration: Steampunk Martial Arts: Characters in the perilous worlds of steampunk study a variety of martial arts. Whether to fight off ruffians, prepare for a duel at dawn, or try to fit into their fancy trousers for an upcoming ball, the people of our world’s Victorian age did, too. Come experience the elegant weapons of a more civilized age—the Higgins Academy of the Sword’s Grand Assault, an exhibition of authentic gaslamp martial arts.