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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
January 29, 2013

The Joy of Science and Science Fiction

In an age where many science fiction conventions focus on the pop culture aspects of science fiction, it’s refreshing to find a con that also emphasizes and celebrates actual science and technological detail.

Boskone’s Hal Clement Science Speaker brings together both a passion for science and science fiction to honor the man for which the award was named.

Boskone 2
At Boskone 2, Hal Clement presents Fred Pohl the first Skylark award.

Hal Clement (Harry Clement Stubbs) combined a love of science, teaching it for over 40 years, with a love for science fiction and writing. He published over 15 books and numerous stories and articles over his career. He attended the first Boskone and became a Boskone fixture, attending 40 consecutive conventions.

This year’s Hal Clement Science Speaker is Jordin Kare.

Dr. Jordin Kare is a lapsed astrophysicist and a former freelance rocket scientist. He’s a senior inventor at Intellectual Ventures, where he designed the first (real) laser mosquito killer. He’s an expert on laser power beaming and laser propulsion, and co-founder and chief scientist of LaserMotive,Inc.


He’s also a long-time fan and filker, who has been attending Boskones for 38 years and was the Featured Filker for Boskone 37.  His filking skills inspired this fun cover by Andrew Ross.


At Boskone 50, Jordin Kare will give several talks Laser Launch, 50 Ways to Leave Your Planet, and It Came from the USPTO (weird & silly patents) and appear on a panel on Beaming Power from Space. He will also perform in a filk concert.