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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
February 11, 2021

Hot Off the Press: Read the Boskone 58 Souvenir Book!

The Boskone 58 Souvenir Book is available for download!

Since Boskone 58 is a virtual convention this year, we have created a beautiful PDF version of the Boskone 58 Souvenir Book for you to read that includes guest introductions, lovely art from our official artist Julie Dillon, a short story by Carlos Hernandez, a special memorial of our community member Ben Bova, and more.

The virtual Boskone 58 Souvenir Book is our gift to you. Thank you for being such a wonderful community!

This year’s guests include:

  • Guest of Honor: Joe Abercrombie
  • Official Artist: Julie Dillon
  • Special Guest: Sheree Renée Thomas
  • Musical Guest: Marc Gunn
  • NESFA Press Guest: Ursula Vernon
  • Hal Clement Science Speakers:  Mike Brotherton & Christian Ready

Special thanks to our designer Errick Nunnally.


We have no membership cap, and Boskone is open to our community members from around the world.  Boskone takes place February 12-14, 2021, will feature 175+ program items, 150+ program participants, and 90+ items that get recorded and saved on the event site for later viewing through the month of February 2021. Join us and purchase your membership today!