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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
January 24, 2014

Horror at Boskone!

Boskone may be a science fiction and fantasy convention, but did you know we also have some fantastic horror programing? Here’s one of of horror panels that is sure to make you think twice about turning off the bedroom light at night.


Great Ghost Stories, Fri 9:00-9:50 pm

Out on the fringe, the living and the dead intersect in some fascinating fashion, bringing out the drama, tension, and atmosphere that have become hallmarks of a well-told tale of the supernatural. A shining example: Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House. However, not all ghost stories are created equal. Join us for an unsettling discussion of what makes a good ghost story great — and why some don’t scare us for a second, while others haunt us still.


  • F. Brett Cox
  • Lila Garrott
  • Theodora Goss
  • Jack M. Haringa
  • Paul G. Tremblay (moderator)