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New England Science Fiction Association

Musical Guest

Marc Gunn

Marc Gunn

Marc Gunn is a Celtic musician with a geeky twist. He fuses his love of science fiction, fantasy, and comedy with his Scots-Irish heritage. You will laugh and smile to songs inspired from Firefly to hobbits, dragons to cats, to traditional Irish drinking songs. He’s topped the charts on iTunes and Amazon and won numerous awards. He is a leading innovator on his musical weapon of choice, the autoharp.

For Gunn, it started small, wearing a kilt on campus at the University of Texas. As one half of the acclaimed Brobdingnagian Bards, Gunn and partner Andrew McKee developed a loyal following with weekly performances on campus. This quickly led to gigs at renaissance faires and eventually science fiction conventions, where their popularity exploded.

When the Bards split up in 2008, Gunn left Austin and began producing albums in overdrive.He now has over 20 solo albums on his homespun Mage Records label. His most-popular albums include Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers, Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits, Firefly Drinking Songs, Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion, and Sci Fi Drinking Songs. He has released over fifty albums in his catalog.

Selcouth is Gunn’s newest album. “Selcouth” means, “when everything is strange and different, yet you find it marvelous anyway.” That nails Gunn’s strange mix of Sci F’Irish music.

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