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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
January 24, 2013

NESFA Press Guest Jerry Pournelle

Each year at Boskone, a special guest is honored by NESFA Press, the publishing component of the New England Science Fiction Association. NESFA Press focuses on publishing the following types of books:

  • Books honoring the guest(s) of honor at our annual convention, Boskone, and at some Worldcons and other conventions.
  • Books in the NESFA’s Choice series, which bring back into print the works of deserving classic SF writers
  • Reference books of science fiction and science fiction fandom

This year’s NESFA Press Guest is renowned fiction writer and tech commentator, Jerry Pournelle.

According to his bio on the Information Week website,  Jerry Pournelle is known “for his groundbreaking column in the original BYTE, Computing at Chaos Manor, Jerry is back in the house. He is, of course, BYTE’s senior technologist. Author of more than a dozen tech books and several more in science fiction with his collaborator, Larry Niven, Pournelle’s accolades include a Bronze Medal from the National Security Council, the Prometheus Award and the Heinlein Society Award for science fiction.” He is also a contributor to the NESFA Press book The Mathematics of Magic: The Enchanter Stories of de Camp and Pratt.


On Saturday afternoon at 3pm in the Galleria, Jerry will be at the release party introducing the book launch of Door to Anywhere, a Poul Anderson collection

Additionally, he will be interviewed, and he will also be on panels about Space Colonization and Military Motifs in SF.