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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District

B56 Mini Interview with Ellen Datlow, Mike Olshan & Max Gladstone

Welcome back to the Boskone 56 Mini Interview series! It officially the first day of February and we are now 2 weeks away from Boskone! To help celebrate this, today we are chatting with Ellen Datlow, Mike Olshan & Max Gladstone! Ellen Datlow Ellen Datlow has been editing science fiction, fantasy, and horror short fiction for […]

B56 Mini Interviews with Grady Hendrix, Reiko Murakami & Alan L. Brown

Welcome to a new week, Boskone fans! As we count down the days to Boskone, check out these amazing mini interviews with Grady Hendrix, Reiko Murakami & Alan L. Brown.   Grady Hendrix Grady Hendrix is the award-winning author of the novels Horrorstor,  My Best Friend’s Exorcism, and We Sold Our Souls. He’s also the author […]

B56 Mini Interview with Auston Habershaw, Marshall Ryan Maresca & K.R. Branch

Happy Friday and welcome back to the Boskone 56 Mini Interview series! Have you bought your tickets to Boskone 56 yet? We are only 3 weeks away! Well, if you are still on fence about it, today we are talking to Auston Habershaw, Marshall Ryan Maresca, and K.R. Branch, who are more than happy to tell […]

B56 Mini Interview with Victoria Sandbrook Flynn, R.W.W. Greene & M.R. Richardson

Welcome back to our Boskone 56 Mini Interviews! Today was are talking with Victoria Sandbrook Flynn, R.W.W. Greene, and M.R. Richardson! Victoria Sandbrook Flynn Victoria Sandbrook is a speculative fiction writer, freelance editor, and Viable Paradise graduate. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in SWORD & SONNET, PODCASTLE, SHIMMER, CAST OF WONDERS, and elsewhere. […]

B56 Mini Interview with Brett James, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert & Kenneth Schneyer

Welcome back again to the Boskone 56 Mini Interviews! Hope you all had a great weekend! Let’s start off this week by hearing from Brett James, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, and Kenneth Schneyer! Brett James Brett James is the author of the popular novel The Drift Wars, as well as several others. He has worked various jobs in […]

B56 Mini Interview with Paul Di Filippo, Sarah Beth Durst & David B. Coe

Welcome back to the Boskone 56 Mini Interviews! We hope that all of you have been thoroughly enjoying them so far! We are going to keep the fun going today with Paul Di Filippo, Sarah Beth Durst and David B. Coe! Paul Di Filippo With his first story sale in 1977, Paul Di Filippo has passed […]

B56 Mini Interview with Trisha Wooldridge, Barry Lee Dejasu & Kenesha Williams

Welcome back to the Boskone 56 Mini Interview series! Today we are sitting down with Trisha Wooldridge, Barry Lee Dejasu, and Kenesha Williams, all of whom have decided to shared some great memories from their convention photos! Trisha Wooldridge Trisha J. Wooldridge writes short stories, novellas, novels, articles, and poetry about bad-ass faeries, carnivorous horses, social justice […]

B56 Mini Interviews with Vincent O’Neil, Cindy Pon & Paul Jeter

Welcome back to the B56 Mini Interviews! Join us today as we talk with with Vincent O’Neil, Cindy Pon, and Paul Jeter, to find out who their favorite literary characters of all-time are, and what some of their favorite fan interaction have been! Vincent O’Neil Vincent H. O’Neil is the Malice Award-winning author of the […]

B56 Mini Interviews with Laurence Raphael Brothers, Kate Elliott & Shannon Chakraborty

Welcome back to the Boskone 56 Mini Interview series! Today we are sitting down with Laurence Raphael to talk about the influence of Roger Zelazny; Kate Elliot to talk about which character in her Spiritwalker Trilogy she relates most to; and Shannon Chakraborty to talk about a special moment during the release part for her debut […]

B56 Mini Interviews with Gene Doucette, Sarah Jean Horwitz & Anne Nydam

Welcome back to the Boskone 56 Mini Interview series! Want to see some more convention photos and memories? How about an author whose character they most closely resemble is a 60,000 year old man? Read about this and more as we talk with Gene Doucette, Sarah Jean Horwitz, and Anne Nydam! Gene Doucette Gene Doucette […]