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New England Science Fiction Association

Mini Interviews Heather Albano, Stephen Kelner, Julia Rios, and Daniel Kimmel

At Boskone, you’ll find folks working on a wide variety of projects in the realm of science fiction and fantasy. Today’s mini inteviews feature interactive text based games, motivating your writing, 2014’s Best  YA speculative fiction and more! Heather Albano Heather Albano is a storyteller. Sometimes she writes traditional fiction and sometimes she makes games, […]

Mini Interviews with Jo Walton, James Cambias, and Elizabeth Bear

One thing that sets Boskone apart from many conventions is the mingling of professionals and fans. There’s no green room for the pros and many programming items, such as Kaffeeklatsches encourage these interactions. Also important is that professionals are also fans. Take a look at what some of our participants are looking forward to seeing/reading. Jo […]

Mini Interviews with Guy Consolmagno, Steven Popkes, and Tom Easton

Today’s set of Mini Interviews features participants who have something very cool in common. SCIENCE! Whether it’s the stars your after or something a little closer to earth, you’re sure to enjoy meeting Guy Consolmagno, Tom Easton, and Steven Popkes. Guy Consolmagno Former MITSFS skinner and former Boskone special guest, Jesuit astronomer at the Vatican Br. […]

Mini Interviews with Steve Davidson, E.C. Ambrose, and Jeff Hecht

As writers, professionals and fans, we all have a defining moment that shaped who we are today. In today’s Boskone Mini Interviews, three participants share their stories on what influenced them to become science fiction fans, publishers, writers and science journalists. Steve Davidson Steve Davidson is the owner, publisher and editor pro-tem of Amazing Stories. […]

Filking Mini Interviews with Jeff Bohnhoff (Featured Filker), Gary Ehrlich, Denise Gendron

Boskonians! Filking has long been a part of Boskone’s program, and filkers (i.e. musicians) from far and wide come to filk and talk music every February. In honor of our filking traditions, we’ve got a special set of Mini Interviews for you today, which features Jeff Bohnhoff (one of our Featured Filkers), Denise Gendron, and […]

Mini Interviews with Chris Jackson, Susan Jane Bigelow, Thomas Sweterlitsch, D. Lynn Smith

Day two of the New Year brings us four brand new Boskone Mini Interviews with program participants who are all new to Boskone. These writers come to Boston from across the country. Help us welcome Chris Jackson, Susan Jane Bigelow, Thomas Sweterlitsch, and D. Lynn Smith. Chris Jackson A sailing writer, or writing sailor (still not […]

5 New Boskone Mini Interviews: The YA and Beyond Extravaganza!

Calling all young adults and readers who are young at heart! We’ve got an awesome lineup of young adult authors and editors in today’s Boskone Mini Interviews. This year, Boskone’s expanded Young Adult programming is very exciting, and with authors and editors like Stacey Friedberg, Fran Wilde, Ken Altabef, ACE Bauer and Carrie Vaughn, it […]

Mini Interviews with Jane Yolen, John Murphy, and Joan Slonczewski

What better way to top off the holiday season than another set of Boskone Mini Interviews? Today we bring you the amazing Jane Yolen who puts a little bit of sparkle in everything she does, the science fiction author and engineer John Murphy, and the multi-talented researcher Joan Slonczewski. Jane Yolen Heading toward Book 350, […]

Mini Interviews: Charlie Stross, Sarah Langan and Jeff Hecht

Like Soylent Green, Boskone is made of people! <Queue a frantic Charlton Heston!> Okay, we’re just kidding about Soylent Green, but people really are what makes Boskone special. Just ask Charlie Stross, Sarah Langan, and Jeff Hecht. It’s the people who bring them back to Boskone. Our Mini Interviews continue with three new perspectives, three new set […]

Mini Interviews: David L Clements, David Anthony Durham, and Joshua Bilmes

Let the Boskone Mini Interviews continue! We’ve had a few days of silence on the Boskone Blog as we ironed out the draft schedules for our program participants (which will be sent to participants soon). However, we are now up and running with a new set of Mini Interviews for your enjoyment. Today we have Boskone’s […]