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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District

Need Food?

Boskone is sharing the Westin with another event, so Friday’s dinnertime was interesting to say the least. Plan ahead so you can grab a bite before Saturday night’s Skylark Awards. Arisia and Boskone worked together to created this amazing Restaurant Guide and the companion Google Map. Enjoy!

Plan your panels now

To help your plan of attack for Boskone, the schedule is now available online! Here are some ideas to get you started: The Hidden Joys of Collecting: What’s on your shelf? The latest TARDIS coffee cup? A Captain Kirk action figure? A set of Harry Potter first editions? What is it about collecting that is so […]

NESFA voted for a Code of Conduct for Boskone

Boskone Code of Conduct Be respectful and courteous towards others. We expect you to understand that you need to ask before you touch and that no means no. Harassment of any kind, from intimidation to illegal behavior will not be tolerated. This policy applies to your interactions with everybody. We also expect you to refrain […]

Tweet out

Boskone is less than 2 weeks away! See what people are saying on Twitter: When tweeting about Boskone, use #boskone. You can also follow us at @boskonenews.

One day left to save

Pre-registration closes on 1/23/13 at 5pm EST. If you haven’t yet registered, register now and save $5 off the cost of the at-the-door adult membership price of $55. Are you a student? Are you a family attending with your student children? Boskone offers two different student-level memberships: College (valid student ID required) K-12 (student ID […]

Looking for Food in All the Right Places at Boskone

Hungry? Looking for a good place to find food while your at Boskone this year? Well, we have just the thing for you! Announcing the Sci-Fi Dining Guide for Boston. The organizers of Boskone and Arisia have collaborated on this  amazing new restaurant guide for the Boston-based conventions. You can either access it with this […]

Special Guest John Hertz on Three Classic SF Novels

Boskone 50’s Special Guest John Hertz will be hosting discussions on three classics of science fiction novels: Galactic Patrol by E.E. “Doc” Smith, Moonraker by Ian Fleming, and The Man in the High Castle by Phillip K. Dick. We thought you might like to know these book titles in advance so that you’d have an opportunity […]

Art Show Info

Here are the artists who’ll be displaying their work at Boskone: Art Show Info

Register Now for Boskone 50

Registration rates The deadline for pre-registration is January 21, 2013. If you register now the membership rates are: Adult full convention: $50 College student full convention: $35 (school ID required) K-12 full convention: $25 (school ID may be required) You can buy day memberships anytime; these rates will be the same through the convention: Friday […]