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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
December 31, 2014

Boskone Programming by the Numbers

Boskone 52 Progress Report flier imageFor the number crunchers out there, we have a few Boskone statistics that you may enjoy chewing on…However, I have to remind you that the program items are still in flux. So, these numbers are accurate as of right now. Things might shake out slightly differently by February 13, 2015 when Boskone starts.

Right now we have scheduled:

  • 65 Individual Readings
  • 30 Kaffeeklatsches, featuring 35 program participants
  • 54 Autographings
  • 15 Discussion Groups
  • 17 DragonsLair items, designed just for Children
  • 15 Solo Talks and Dialogs on everything from the Art of Jeffrey Jones to Penguins in Antarctica, Death Rays, and Steven Brust!
  • 25+ Filk/Music items that range from music specific panels to Open Jam Sessions
  • 110+ Panels on topics ranging from the Dark Side of Doctor Who to Cooking with Science, Sidekicks and Henchmen, the Legacy of D&D, the Evolution of Urban Fantasy, and MORE!
  • We have an fantastic Art Show that is bursting at the seems with amazing art and a Dealers’ Room that is fully stocked and ready to go!

But who are the program participants who will be on these items and talking about these things? You can find the full list of confirmed program participants on the Official Boskone website, which is in the process of being updated with the final list of names. However, we think you will be pleased by all of the familiar faces who are returning yet again to Boskone as well as all of the new faces that you are sure to have either read or heard about who will be coming to Boskone for the first time as a program participant!

Also, special thanks goes out to ALL of the program participants who have agreed to show up early for the free programming on Friday from 2:00-6:00 pm that is open to the public. Memberships are needed to attend programming after 6:00 pm on Friday and for the duration of the convention.

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And that is Boskone’s program by the numbers. We’re planning to post the final program in early/mid-January. So, stay tuned for more information. In the meantime….

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