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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
November 17, 2018

Souvenir Book, Art Show, & Dealer’s Room Updates!

Looking for a way to sell your wares, show your art, or advertise at Boskone?

We have the perfect solutions for you: advertise in the Souvenir Book, purchase a table in the Dealers Room, or book space in the Art Show.

Why Boskone? Boskone is the longest running science fiction convention in New England and attracts approximately 1,300+ members annually. Programming includes approximately 170 program participants (check out our this year’s program participant list) as well as a wonderful list of featured Guests, which include:

Each year we produce a lovely Souvenir Book, which is a high quality print and PDF publication, that features the art of our Official Artist on the cover with special introductions for each Guest as well as other engaging content inside. You can read the printable PDF of our Ad Rate Sheet for Boskone 56 and the PDF from of last year’s Souvenir Book (Boskone 55). The advertising reservation deadline has been extended to December 15, and our ad copy deadline is January 5, 2019. To book your ad in the Souvenir Book, all you need to do is click here to pay online. If you have any questions about placing an ad in the Boskone 56 Souvenir Book, please contact us at

The Boskone Dealers Room provides a varied shopping experience for members and vendors alike. Our attendees are fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but members also include writers, science enthusiasts, musicians, artists, and crafters. Space in the Boskone Dealers Room usually sells out quickly. So, please be sure to process your table request by December 1st since we cannot guarantee that space will be available beyond that date. Learn more about our Dealer’s Room requirements and opportunities, and book your table(s) today. If you are unable to process your space request online for any reason, please contact

Boskone is known for its long history of supporting excellence in speculative art and offers several opportunities to display your artwork. Our art show is considered the best speculative art show in New England, and regularly includes such artists as Bob Eggleton, Tom Kidd, Charles Lang, Wendy Snow Lang, Gary Lipincott, Gregory Manchess, Reiko Murakami, Omar Rayyan, Ruth Sanderson, Dave Seeley, Michael Whelan, and more as well as this year’s Official Artist Jim Burns! In addition, the Boskone 56 Art Show will include a special exhibit of rare work from many of the most significant artists in the speculative art world, curated by Edie Stern and Joe Siclari. If you are interested in having your art exhibited at Boskone? Please be sure to review the Art Show Rules. After reviewing the rules, you can review the Artist and Reseller Options. If you have questions about the art show, please contact

We look forward to seeing you at Boskone 56!