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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
January 27, 2018

Sign up for Kaffeeklatsches and/or Tea With Mary

What’s a kaffeeklatsch? It’s a chance to sit in a small group with an author, artist, editor, or publisher for a fun and lively discussion!

Come join the discussion and ask them about anything under the sun or beyond the stars. Check out the pocket program or the online schedule to see who will be doing what, and when. However, before showing up for the discussion, be sure to sign up early for your preferred kaffeeklatsch to avoid losing your seat at the table!

This is your chance to ask that burning question about the new novel. Hear some interesting stories about the struggles of being a writer or making your first sale. You might even meet a new friend, discover some new books for your “to read” list, or compare notes during a critical discussion about a literary theory. These small group discussions are rewarding opportunities to get to know your favorite writer better.

Sign-up Is Required

The sign-up sheets will be available the day before the scheduled kaffeeklatch and are located at Program Ops, which is near Registration in the Harbor Foyer at the top of the escalator. However, this year we are adding kaffeeklatsches on Friday, and those signups will be available by 1:00 pm on Friday.


Friday’s kaffeeklatches take place in Harbor I.
3:00 PM: Steven Popkes
4:00 PM: James Cambias
4:00 PM: Jane Yolen
5:00 PM: Jeff Hecht
5:00 PM: Walter Hunt
6:00 PM: Adam Stemple
6:00 PM: Catherine Asaro
7:00 PM: Auston Habershaw
7:00 PM: Elaine Isaak
8:00 PM: Tom Easton

Saturday’s kaffeeklatsches take place in Harbor I.
10:00 AM: Bruce Coville
10:00 AM: Christine Taylor-Butler
11:00 AM: Max Gladstone
11:00 AM: Tamora Pierce
12:00 PM: Jeffrey A. Carver
12:00 PM: John Langan and James Moore
1:00 PM: Robert J. Sawyer
1:00 PM: Steve Berman
2:00 PM: Marianne Plumridge
2:00 PM: Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden
3:00 PM: Elizabeth Bear
3:00 PM: Vandana Singh
4:00 PM: Craig Miller
4:00 PM: Flourish Klink
5:00 PM: Karl Schroeder
5:00 PM: Michael Swanwick
6:00 PM: Craig Shaw Gardner
6:00 PM: Julia Rios
7:00 PM: Frank Wu
8:00 PM: Brendan DuBois
8:00 PM: Timothy Liebe

Sunday’s kaffeeklatches take place in the Galleria in the far end of the Con Suite.
10:00 AM: Joshua Bilmes
10:00 AM: Les Johnson
11:00 AM: Beth Meacham
11:00 AM: Nat Segaloff
12:00 PM: Hilary Monahan
12:00 PM: Walter John Williams
1:00 PM: Jack Haringa
1:00 PM: Paul Tremblay


2:00 PM: Tea With Mary (Mary Robinette Kowal)*

*Tea with Mary is a special Kaffeeklatsche in the Galleria’s Con Suite that features two tables hosted by Guest of Honor Mary Robinette Kowal. Tea and biscuits will be available. Sign up at Program Ops is required.

Tea with Mary is sponsored by TOR.