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New England Science Fiction Association

Coat Check (aka NarniaCon)

On the lobby level of the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, just behind the escalator on the left side of the lobby, is Boskone’s magical Coat Check. When you arrive, you are welcome to leave your coat in the hands of our coat check team before you enter the convention.

NarniaCon ImageBoskone’s coat check is a con within a con, and our fantastic staff add a special element of wild and whimsical magic in the form of NarniaCon. Within this lovely magical enclave of NarniaCon denizens, who tirelessly guard your coats and hats and boots, you will find a team of creative minds who pull together a variety of convention activities such as the rubber ducky challenge, scavenger hunts, and the Boskone Clue game. Each year they have a new and exciting activity for Boskonians to enjoy!

NarniaCon often features a Boskone program participant as its leader to share in the fun and games during the convention!

Coat check is free and tips are appreciated. Please check Boskone’s hours of operation for coat check opening and closing times.