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February 17-19, 2023 — Westin Boston Seaport District
January 30, 2021

3 Things to Know About Boskone 58

Boskone is going virtual this year, and there are 3 things that every member should know about the convention. With only 2 weeks until the convention, we’ve put together this simple list of things to know to keep them top of mind!

1. Boskone 58 is a single sign on event.

Wait! What does that mean? It means you only have to log into one application to participate in everything. Viola! A single sign on convention.

Based on our experiences with reCONvene 2020 and other SF conventions, we have decided to avoid a piecemeal format by stitching together multiple apps together in order to create a more cohesive and inclusive member experience.

We have used the Grenadine database to build our program for years. Most of our members have used it to set up personalized schedules in the past and to get live program updates on their phones and laptops during the con. Now, we’ll be using it as our single sign on platform for virtual Boskone 58, which means that all you have to do is purchase your membership and log into the event platform to access everything.

Your membership gives you access to the entire event site and program, including panel recordings, the Con Suite (where parties will be held in Zoom breakout rooms), the internal messaging system for chatting, and our special embedded chat windows for program items, art show, dealers, and fan tables. You only have to sign in once, and you get access to everything.

There is one caveat. If you want to play games, you do need to sign up for Board Game Arena since there really isn’t a way to incorporate the expansive and extensive online games into any platform at this point.

2. Boskone 58 panels will be recorded.

There is so much content that there is no way to participate in everything!

Wait, we have you covered!

Your $25 membership gets you access to the full website, 190 program items, and all of the available recordings. While we can’t record everything, the simple rule of thumb is that all items in the Zoom webinar format will be recorded. This covers all panels, solo presentations, and other items that are held as a webinar. The only exception to this rule is if a program participant has asked not to be recorded.

In total, there will be approximately 90 items recorded, with videos becoming available by the end of each day. There is no way (without the use of a time machine) for someone to watch all of the programming available during the con, even with 90+ items available later as recordings. So, we are keeping the Boskone 58 event site up through the end of February 2021 to give you the time you need to enjoy our recorded content all month long.

Even better! Each program item comes with its own embedded chat window that will remain in place after the session ends. This means that even if you can’t see the original airing of the item, you can still watch it and then chat with friends about the content and topics brought up in the session.

3. Boskone 58’s event site will open on February 1.

Wait, but doesn’t Boskone run from February 12-14?

The short answer is, yes! But you can still visit the Boskone 58 event site early.

The long answer is that we think it’s important for our members to get comfortable with the Boskone 58 event site before the convention begins. We want you to log into the system before the start of the convention to ensure that you login works correctly. If anything goes wrong with your login, we want to help you avoid a last minute scramble that could make you miss the start of a program item or miss your change to book a seat in the kaffeeklatch that you wanted. Sign on early, and make sure it works.

We also want you to get familiar with the interactive schedule so that you can personalize your event. With so much programming that you won’t want to miss, this is your opportunity build your perfect program, including the items that you want to watch later, by clicking on the heart icon in the upper right corner to add the item as a favorite on your schedule. Personalize your perfect schedule.

You need to log in to sign up for a kaffeeklatsch and signups open on February 3 at 12:00 noon (Eastern Time). Since some of these items will fill very quickly, please log into your account early just in case you need technical help. Sign up for a kaffeeklatch with ease.

And, that’s it! Three simple things you need to know to make Boskone 58 your favorite Boskone yet!

Curious about who is coming to Boskone 58 and what’s on the schedule? Come find out!

With 3 days of over 100 top-notch items paired with top authors, scientists, artists, and creators in the science fiction, fantasy and horror industry, you won’t want to miss out.

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