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New England Science Fiction Association

Boskone 51: Featured Filker

One of the unique joys of science fiction conventions is the sound of music drifting through the hallways. But it’s not just any music, it’s filk! Each year, Boskone is proud to have a Featured Filker is featured with a Saturday evening concert. This year’s Featured Filker is Bill Roper. Bill is the co-founder of […]

The Return of the Guests: The Once and Current Boskonians!

Boskone is well-known for the number of guests who continue to return to the convention as regular program participants long after their “guest” status is over. This year we have a wonderful assortment of past guests who have returned once again to participate in Boskone 51’s programming. In fact, Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant), this […]

Why I Love Boskone 51– Ten of My Must See Panels for this Convention

I have been attending Boskone since 2003. Back then I was a shellshocked fan, walking around the hotel trying to figure out how to attend all of the panels and events that I wanted to attend despite the fact that I wanted to attend–EVERYTHING! Eleven years later, the only thing that has changed is that […]

Boskone 51: Official Artist

If you’ve been admiring this year’s Boskone art images, you can thank David Palumbo, freelance illustrator and Official Artist of Boskone 51. His wide reach spans from gallery showings to art for Magic the Gathering, book covers and beyond. The This is Cool website describes David this way,  “With subjects that cover every area and facet of science fiction, fantasy […]